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Your Taxi per Web-App

Whether from your desktop, laptop or tablet with browser – book your Hansa-Taxi now by Web-App.

Book your Taxi by Web-App

The Web-App

For your first visit to the Web-App, click „register now“. If you are already registered as an App User (Apple or Android), simply enter your access data and use the Web-App.

Simple registration. Register once with your personal and access data. To access your Web-App from anywhere, please enter your mobile phone number.

After registration, re-enter your access data. You can now book your ride or add e.g. a payment mode.

By choosing „Standard Taxi“, the next available Hansa-Taxi is yours.

Choose „Shared Taxi“ if you wish to share the fare with other riders. Each passenger pays on a pro-rata basis, according to the distance of his route in Hamburg.

Choose „Green Taxi“ if you opt for a specially marked eco-friendly Hansa-Taxi.

You need a taxi for a party of more than 4 persons? Choose „XXL Taxi“, enter your destination and the number of passengers. Please note that „XXL Taxis“ cannot be booked in advance.

Under „Payment Mode“ you can enter your credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Diners Club & Discover), PayPal or Hansa-Taxi Card (Kundenkarte).

Under „My Profile“ you can modify your personal data and configurate your security settings.

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