At Hansa Taxi, we offer every employee a unique breakthrough system of data transmission. But in order to become part of our workforce, qualified applicants must successfully complete our specialized training and develop the broad skills it takes to be one of us.

Training Center

Our Hansa Taxi training center offers a two-week course that comprises the segments: service and commitment, data transmission, credit card system, payment modalities, etc.
At our training center, the participants are taught all the pertinent situational IT-skills to tackle the daily challenges of online data transmission aboard a taxi.
The training courses end with a theoretical and a practical test.
After successfully sitting the exam as well as an interview, the participants are called upon to perform in their new jobs for a testing period of 6 months. During that time, the training team leader offers them a platform for addressing any issues that arise on the job.
After that, the participants are offered another alignment course to raise their level of performance further.