Quality Management

In order to safeguard the highest quality standards of our fleet on a daily basis, we at Hansa-Taxi have established two informed mechanisms of control:

  • a pit-stop quality check
  • quality controls on the road

A pit-stop quality check

Every Hansa-Taxi undergoes periodical inspections, where it is tested according to strict predefined criteria. After successfully passing the check-up, the Hansa-Taxi is awarded a sticker that is placed visibly on the windshield and has a validity of 12 months.

Quality controls on the road

Furthermore, there are Hansa-Taxi quality managers on the road on a 24/7 basis.Whenever a Hansa-Taxi is found lacking in compliance to our highest quality standards it is denied access to the running business until all points of complaint have been erased.
This is our way to always satisfy your expectations of a Hansa-Taxi.
Should the necessity of a complaint () arise nonetheless, we are open to all comments and criticism.